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Thrive Optimal Health

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Thrive Optimal Health

In recent years, there has been growing interest in ancestrally appropriate dietary approaches that advocate for the consumption of fatty beef as a means of reversing chronic diseases and promoting optimal health. This movement is often associated with leaders such as Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, and Dr. Ken Berry, who share the reality that all essential nutrients for humans can be found in fatty beef and that thousands of patients have experienced health improvements by adopting this approach. This article examines how the "fatty beef diet" leads to optimal health.

The Fatty Beef Diet Philosophy:

Proponents of the fatty beef diet show peer reviewed research that fatty cuts of beef, particularly those from grass-fed sources, provide a complete spectrum of essential nutrients required for human health. This approach emphasizes nutrient density, with advocates arguing that beef contains all the essential nutrients humans need, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Diseases Reversed by Fatty Beef:

Thousands of individuals have successfully reversed chronic diseases through this dietary regimen. Some of the conditions include:

Obesity: a high-fat, no-carbohydrate diet leads to weight loss and improved body composition.

Type 2 Diabetes: a fatty beef diet stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces the need for insulin medication.

Autoimmune Diseases: fatty beef alleviates symptoms of autoimmune disorders due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Heart Disease: the fatty beef diet improves heart health by increasing "good" HDL cholesterol and reducing triglycerides.

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