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Expert help for you, loved ones, and companies
We helped John Mayer Your Body is a Wonderland, Grateful Dead, David Blaine take a Kimbo Slice punch ala Houdini, Rosie Huntington Whitely smoke Victoria’s Secret, Transformers and Mad Max, young and old, Be Healthy & Live Your Best Life.

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Killington Style is a platform with expert help for you, your loved ones .

Take our Expert Help Scorecard to quickly identify where you can accelerate your success and how we can help. 


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Take our Expert Help Scorecard to quickly identify where we can help you improve your business!.




Featured Services

Expert help for you and loved ones.

For You & Your Loved Ones

Food & Beverage - We show you how to eat and drink for your ultimate health and best life. We have helped 1,000’s in Manhattan and throughout the US, in person and remote.

Training, Exercise, & Workouts - we show and tell you how to effectively and efficiently move while keeping strong and mobile throughout life.

Pain Relief - do you have chronic pain - we have helped 1,000’s relieve their pain and can help you too.

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Expert business help

 Business Help

Growth Driven Business Development & Sales, we’ll be your next best salesperson by bringing in the right new profitable clients.

Pain Points and operational expense - Business Process Outsourcing, we’ll help turn your challenges into efficient cost savings like we do for billion dollar enterprises, portfolio companies of top VC, and private business.


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Ecommerce Expert Help

ECommerce Optimization & Automation we’ll help you maximize your online sales like we have for 100’s of private companies.






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