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Sam Sherman, my grandfather, 1938, near Killington, Vermont, home to the world’s most famous marble, standing next to one of his businesses and buildings.
My father Jon Sherman, owned businesses and buildings and taught me business and to be a voracious reader. Jon owned a kitchen cabinet making business, designed kitchens and baths for The Woods in Killington, and Tom Brokaw in Manhattan, created and owned Sam’s Liquidation Centers (I was the General Manager, where I met Brad Mead, Founder Delta Capital Group when he worked with my Dad). Jon was a financial advisor with American Express

James Sherman, Director

James Sherman originated 20 investment banking clients for Delta Capital Group - mergers, acquisitions, restructuring for private companies with revenues $1 - $100 million, after reaching out for 2 years Aaron Feurenstein - Malden Mills PolarTec became a client for an $80 million capital restructuring.  At Delta Capital Group I advised Manhattan fashion model clients

James Sherman, Director of Killington Style, is currently a ski instructor at Killington part time, always an athlete, played linebacker and won Rugby Championship in Central Park with Boston University, was a member at ultra exclusive private club Duomo - Mr America, won the Manhattan Trainer Olympics and trained Rosie Huntington Whitely and other models, John Mayer, and David Blaine, Ken Lerer and Herb Scannell.


I created owned and operated Gotham Mountain Adventure Sports, voted Best Adrenaline Adventure in the Catskills, families, pros and amateurs, American Motorcycle Association Races, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Corvette drag races, DMX and the Ruff Ryders all loved it.

Most recently, I created marketing campaigns that resulted in 30 successful new relationships for Pearl Health, Walgreen partner, a16oz investor, healthcare leader &100 million+ and have an experienced, capable network to help companies increase profitable sales & ECommerce, turn operational pain points into an efficiently managed process.

I look forward to helping you and your loved ones in health and business!

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